REACH: Navigating the EU minefield that is REACH


"The European Union has embarked on the most ambitious piece of legislation to impact industry in the last 20 years. Having tracked the legislation for the last 5 years if you need advice or assistance with the registration process then why not find out if Julia can help?  Sometimes it can be useful to have an independant, but informed set of eyes to offer second opinions on data submitted to a SIEF,  or maybe to have a second opinion on what does and doesn't need registration.  Julia can also operate the complicated online European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) IT systems on your behalf if this seems too daunting.   

Julia had a key role in the development and running of a statutory regulation scheme for chemicals -the UK Offshore  Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS).  This included the assessment of over 4000 different sets of chemical specific ecotoxicity data, practical experience in the deployment of ecotoxicological tests, and the development of the original database used to run the UK Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) for many years.  She has also made applications under Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC).  This experience is backed by 7 years analyticial chemistry experience determining trace levels of various chemical residues in environmental samples.  Julia is therefore well placed to comment on data submitted under REACH.


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